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Is DealDash a Scam? Honest Review

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There are several topics that always attract people. The possibility to easily make money is especially attractive. Is there anyone among us who don’t want to buy the desired thing much cheaper or even get a prize without spending a penny? Nowadays, the Web has a lot of resources that can help in this case. DealDash is one of them. But is DealDash scam or not? Many people are very skeptical about this site. Let’s figure everything out.


What is it?

DealDash is an advanced and advertised online auction, which temptingly offers everyone the opportunity to participate in an auction and pay a little compared to its true cost. Also, there is DealDash app that is much convenient in use for those who are quite busy. Moreover, there are a lot of DealDash reviews from the winners of the auction, which serve as confirmation of the authenticity of its schemes.

In general, such transactions are not new. But in contrast to the usual auction in the understanding of most of us, here the participants are offered to receive a product that costs several times cheaper than its usual price. The most amazing thing is that there are really expensive things among the bids offered. Digital technology and electronics are the most popular category. In the service, you can get discount coupons and gift certificates. At the bottom of each active item, it is easy to see the time before the start of the next bet, as well as the name of the user who last made a contribution.

How does DealDash work?

Why is it so popular among Internet users? Everything is very simple. The seller wants to sell the goods as quickly as possible, and the buyer wants to buy these goods cheaply as soon as possible. So, they find each other. The buyer makes a bid, the seller earns it. Logically, the benefits are obvious to both.

Newbies usually have a lot of questions about how DealDash works. Reviews of ordinary people who have had experience using this service can help us answer this question. As such, no plan or guide to action is provided by DealDash. To understand how the service works, you should go through all the steps yourself, doing in the auction. The instruction is simple: you have to first register, as in any other Internet space. Then, you need to monitor attractive offers. The basic principles of successful participation in the online auction are the speed of reaction and the correct choice of goods. In accordance with these rules, the one who offers the best bets always wins. At first glance, everything is simple and obvious.

DealDash sorts the goods for sale according to a variety of parameters (product category, their intended purpose, seller’s location, etc.). This is done for the convenience of finding the desired position. The search engine of the site on the first lines displays the bids, which should soon be closed. Next, you need to bid on the selected item, as in a regular auction. The winner and, accordingly, the buyer of the goods becomes the participant whose rate at the time of closing of the auction is the highest.

Each seller on the site has its own rating and indicators of activity, which you can study if you want to understand how serious the seller is and whether it is worth doing business together. After the completion of a successful transaction, the buyer and the seller describe their impressions of each other in the comments that are available to all bidders. This item must be observed to identify fraudsters and scammers.

Is DealDash legit?

It is impossible to say that all existing online auctions of the world operate on the basis of crystal-clear reputation. Auctions are still a platform for dishonest sellers who are trying to cash in on gullible buyers. It is almost impossible to uncover the deception, so users can only rely on the luck or responsibility of the server administration. But still, is DealDash a scam? Most likely, it is not. But sometimes you can face one unpleasant situation according to DealDash complaints of users. The most common scheme of fraud is quite simple. The scammer auction off any thing at a very low price (most often used laptops). Then to interested people, this person explains that he or she won this item (or somebody gave it) but can’t sell it because no one is simply able to buy it. Therefore, the scammer agrees to sell it even for half on the real cost. This explanation looks quite real. Next, the buyer and the scammer agree on the method of payment. The scammer insists on using a personal bank check. As a result, the gullible buyer sends checks to the scammer and waits for the promised goods. Needless to say, this expectation will be without result. Then the buyer goes to the bank or to the post office to get the money back. But unfortunately, it is impossible to do something. Such situations happen but not so often as on other auctions.

How to earn money?

Depending on the chosen method, you will depend on what you need to start with. We offer you to consider 4 possible ways of earning on the online auction, which are currently available and allow you to earn. But anyway, you should work hard to do this.

Method #1. This method is the most profitable, but to make money this way, you need to clearly understand what product you need and how much you are willing to pay for it. Actually, there is nothing difficult in this; the problem here is that a certain product at an auction can arrive at an indefinite interval. But despite this, you can buy goods in this way by 20-30% cheaper compared to if you bought it immediately.

Method #2. Many manage to earn at online auctions only by advising people on various issues related to earnings or even the purchase of goods. In the network, of course, there are many video lessons and articles on this topic, but this is usually theoretical material or a small part of the practice. And consultants can more extensively advise on the issue, sometimes even help formulate a business plan (where and what to buy, where to sell, etc.). But if you are not a pro in this sphere, you will not succeed.

Method # 3. Some auctions have affiliate programs. They pay a certain amount for each client attracted by you. Here again, each site will have its own rules and amounts of payment. By the way, affiliate programs are the only way to make money on online auctions without investments.

Method #4. Everyone has their own secrets for sale, someone sells national goods, someone sells handmade things. Therefore, it is quite difficult to recommend a niche or a particular product. You just need to understand what items are the most popular at a certain time and benefit from this.

Earnings at auctions on the Internet are not much different from similar earnings in traditional auctions. To succeed in this business and avoid DealDash scams, it is necessary to have a good understanding of a certain group of goods and know the real prices for different bids so that you can quickly react to the items with a lower cost, buy it and sale at a better price. But if you are far from such methods of earning money, then it is better to try something else than online auctions.


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