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J4L.com Review

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Reliable users

While getting registered on J4L.com, the user fills out a detailed profile in order to make it easy for other users to get to know each other better.

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Compatibility analysis

The compatibility analysis allows you to find the one that is right for you: there is no need to look at a lot of profiles to find a serious and worthy partner for yourself

Happy dating

The smart J4L algorithm offers you only those candidates for dating with whom you are well compatible in nature, lifestyle, interests, and future plans.

Serious dating

Are you ready for a serious relationship and looking for a reliable person to create a family? The J4L dating site will help you find a partner for marriage, which will surely grow into a strong union.

He is looking for her

On our dating site it is easy to start chatting with a girl, as you both know that you are in an active search. We will tell you how to stop being shy and how easy it is to meet a girl.

Tips & Tricks

With the help of our tips and advice from psychologists, you will learn how to change your life for the better: how to overcome your shyness, believe in yourself, and make new interesting acquaintances.

John, 27, New Zealand

I was always skeptical of dating services, but this one proved me wrong. I’ve chatted with a few girls, got in touch with a girl, a fabulous brunette, and oh my god am I happy. All it takes is confidence and just a desire to get what you want, that’s it, it’s now hard to look back and think that I wasn’t afraid of it, so weird.

Jay, 35, Canada

Great service, easy to use, nothing fancy or sophisticated, just a simple dating site that I use from time to time, try it out.

Mike, 35, Australia

Oh my, my friends always told me that online dating services aren’t worth it, they are a waste of time and you can only meet someone by being socially active in real life, go to night clubs, bars, etc., you get the idea. But once I began using these services, I understood that there are some rather good things about it, it’s convenient, you can do it form the comfort of your own home, and it offers more opportunities than real life dating.

Jeremy, 30, USA

Here’s my brief review: Nice interface, lots of users, lots of women to choose from, no bots and fake accounts as far as my experience goes, overall, just a decent service.

Bryan, 29, USA

This is my first time writing a review for a dating service, not really that much to say, a decent dating site, lots of women to meet, easy to access, easy to start, that’s all.


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